[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

Skeeve skeeve at mailru.com
Tue Oct 16 11:36:12 EDT 2001

And how can you see that the project is done? Do you count stubs left?
Isn't it possible to show this information on a stats page?

Vladimir I.Medvedev,
> Duplicate elimination is actually a very big problem.  As I mentioned
> before, some people have decided to abuse the distributed.net network by
> submitting the same work over and over.  Considering how long we've been
> working on OGR-24, is it any surprise that we've received more work back
> than it should take for the entire project, two passes and all?  I don't
> know this for sure, but I do know all the work for OGR-24 was handed out
> more than twice.
> We've tried using raw "unfiltered" statistics before (see CSC), and the
> response was not pretty.  Talk about conspiracy theories!  I have a hard
> time believing a stats page showing "OGR-24 is 274% complete" (or
> whatever it is) would be an improvement over what we have now.

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