[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

Patrik Martinson patma491 at student.liu.se
Tue Oct 16 12:00:20 EDT 2001

Bruce Wilson wrote:

> While the number of nodes per stub is not constant, it does give us some
> sense of progress. 

Yes, but two measurements are better than one imho.

> We've tried using raw "unfiltered" statistics before (see CSC), and the
> response was not pretty.  Talk about conspiracy theories!  I have a hard
> time believing a stats page showing "OGR-24 is 274% complete" (or
> whatever it is) would be an improvement over what we have now.

Then put it up like this:
OGR-24 is 274% complete
This value is only a estimate and could go up to well over 200 percent. Read here why 
<link to short faq>.

Maybe a separate stats db could be implemented before next OGR? something like this:
(disclaimer: i know nothing about databases)

<stub>,<number of passes>
  giving  sum of passes / number of stubs = average number of passes.

  giving something like in daas .plan update.

  This whould ofcourse only give a rough estimate, since it ignores duplicates. Is it 
possible to do? Hope i'm making atleast some sense :)

Big thanks to bwilson for clarifying things. Now go put it in a .plan :)

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