[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

Jonathan Smith jsmith at cygnacom.com
Tue Oct 16 14:42:27 EDT 2001

While there is a p4 core I don't think anyone has made a real attempt to
build a SSE core for the p4, similar to the Altivec core for g4 processors.
I have not looked over the two instruction sets to determine if such a core
is practical.  It is possible that there is a way around the missing rotate
instruction using SSE.  If so we would see a major speed boost from it...

	- Jonathan Smith

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There is a optimized p4 core far as i know, the reason the p4 scores so bad 
is because it's missing a hardware instruction called rotate. For some
the people at intel suddenly decided that their cpu didn't need the x86 
standard's rotate instruction anymore....... anyways, now they have to 
emulate the instruction which is much slower. if you want high rc5 scores
better get an amd

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