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Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Tue Oct 16 14:20:41 EDT 2001

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| I currently exchange work units with Dnet via email from the LINUX
| box at my ISP for processing on offline DOS systems.  I could
| install dnetc on the LINUX box to send and receive work units (no
| work unit processing) instead of email.  So, which technique is
| likely to use the least amount of bandwidth at the
| distributed.net/internet connection?  A variety of variables may come
| into play, so any serious discussion would be appreciated.

The e-mail portal is basically a machine that accepts e-mails and then
runs the client to connect to a fullproxy just as you would.  Using your
own client to send the completed work saves us both from the extra
overhead of email.

If you can't/don't want to run dnetc for real on the Linux box, have you
considered a personal proxy?

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