[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

MrsickABQ at aol.com MrsickABQ at aol.com
Thu Oct 18 01:30:05 EDT 2001

       It's absolutely a pity that we have to deal with cheaters ... this is 
(in reality) a scientific endeavour. We all have differing backgrounds, and 
different roles in society, but we all were taught at some point in our 
upbringing that cheating, and stealing is wrong ... yet it is still an issue 
to be dealt with... 
Is it a matter of pride that people cheat? Well, ... what honor is derived 
from a feigned accomplishment?
Is it an overdeveloped desire to accomplish the task? If it is ... then at 
least your heart is in the right place ... but the end does not justify the 
means in this situation.
I have looked at some of the people who are at the top of the lists ... and 
wondered how I could gain such heights ... but they have access to numerous 
wonderful computers ... And I do not ... so I do what I can with what is 
available to me ... my PC simply cannot crunch tens of thousands of work 
units daily... <<Sigh>> so I continue working, and doing what I can ... 

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