[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Thu Oct 18 19:40:43 EDT 2001

Bruce Wilson wrote:
> I did not say useless, I said relatively useless.  I base that on

mea cupla... i triggered on the word "useless"...

> conversations with some of our coders, who explained to me that the
> instruction does not have many uses in modern applications.  There are
> plenty of instructions that /could/ be included in a CPU, and which
> would no doubt help certain applications run faster if present.

> I don't claim to be a CPU architect, but I do understand that a radical
> change in architecture can make certain instructions very costly (speed,
> die space, difficulty optimizing) to implement.  It's a simple case of
> economics - what instructions will bring the most bang for the least
> bucks.  Intel certainly wouldn't have given the instruction such poor
> treatment if it was vital to the majority of apps.

and there we go back to my comment about intel and m$ being in bed
together and being stoopid... the "majority of apps" are winwhatever
apps... i'm not even going to get into the coding methodologies used
these days but it's well known that today's stuff isn't as streamlined
or bugfree as it was in years gone by... why do you think that everyone
is throwing faster CPUs at everything? because the apps are bloated and
slow... they purchase newer equipment because they believe that the
hardware is at fault for daily lockups, blue screens, and other troubles
when, in fact, it is the software that is causing the problems... even
m$ can't tell you what is broken and that due to their methodologies and
refusal to admit culpability...

<<SIGH>>  i guess this is pretty offtopic and i apologize to all but
damn it, it really torks me off and after 20someoff years in the
industry, i'm to the point of simply biting people's heads off when they
ask me over and over and over again why their box locks up or is so slow
and yet they refuse to leave the rubbish in the trashcan once it's put
there and other alternatives put in place...

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