[RC5] keyrate stabilizing?

Victor A. Wagner, Jr. vawjr at rudbek.com
Thu Oct 18 22:57:20 EDT 2001

Maybe Bruce won't take the time to answer, so I will
rotate has use ONLY in cryptography.
you're multiply and power of twos is done by normal shifts NOT rotate.
I used to wonder why computers had so many different kinds of shifts, 
then  I discovered (while helping design a few) that they're dead easy to 
implement in a zillion variations... I've never seen the ones that I 
thought could be really useful tho.  I'd suggest them and the engineers 
would go "what do you want one of those for?"... When I asked "what do you 
want rotate for?" the general answer was, well it's so darn cheap to put it in.
At Thursday 2001/10/18 15:18, you wrote:

>maybe you're not aware of all the places and function that the rotate
>instruction can be used? i dunno... what i do know that that in my bit
>twiddling days, the rotate instruction came in very useful and many
>situations where one wouldn't likely think to use it... of course, power
>of twos multiplication and such are one main use...
>and why do you, also, classify it as a useless command??
>Bruce Wilson wrote:
> >
> > | -----Original Message-----
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> > | guess that goes to show that intel is in bed with and just as
> > | stoopid as
> > | microsoft and the rest of those cronies ;-(  and to think, they were
> > | once the leaders and innovators in this industry... i guess that with
> > | their "conversion" of computers to (little more than)
> > | toasters qualifies
> > | them for knowing what is needed in today's programs <<SIGH>>
> >
> > I fail to see how reducing support for a relatively useless command
> > (which just happens to serve our purposes especially well, but has
> > little use elsewhere) in order to make the rest of the commands more
> > efficient is "stoopid".
> >
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