AW: [RC5] Athlon XP/MP even faster? K5 faster than K6!

Andreas D. Landmark andreas.landmark at
Sun Oct 21 20:58:42 EDT 2001

At 21.10.2001 10:44, Bjoern Martin wrote:
>>Anyoune has real numbers to SMP?
>A mate runs a dual Celeron 500MHz @ ~2.8 MKeys/sec. That's
>about twice as much as a single one would perform.

I second that, all the dual-boxes I've seen have cracked at approx. twice the
single-cpu keyrate. (approx as keyrate fluctuates and it's impossible to
determine an exact keyrate).

(sniplet from a dnetc-log:
[Oct 20 00:12:35 UTC] RC5: Completed 8ECD4154:60000000 (4.00 stats units)
0.00:16:05.76 - [1,111,810 keys/s]
[Oct 20 00:12:35 UTC] RC5: Loaded 8ECD4282:00000000:6*2^28
[Oct 20 00:12:35 UTC] RC5: Summary: 954 packets (3637.00 stats units)
5.01:03:30.04 - [2,239,726 keys/s]

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