NT/Linux (was: [RC5] Athlon XP/MP even faster? K5 faster than K6!)

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Mon Oct 22 01:03:24 EDT 2001

On 2001-10-20 15:20:06 -0500, Jack Beglinger wrote:
> I have dual PPro200 running linux, inside that I have VMWare NT4 server.  
> (Why? because I can!)
> Now... the Linux OS is running 2 threads of DNET one per processor, the 
> VMWare NT4 Server is running 1 thread.  So in all I have three threads 
> running.  Using personal proxy Analyzer - I show the two "machines" Linux 
> and VMWare NT4  - 526204 (10.51%) and 520455 (10.36%) Key rate (overall 
> % of my network rate).
> I would expect that with this setup it would run slower than Linux with only 
> two threads... Overhead for VMWare and NT... but in reality it comes out 
> about 2% greater. 
> I would love to know why... but I don't want it fixed, I like the little extra.

The code for NT is better because the compilers for NT produce
faster code.

Best regards
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