[RC5] Re: NT/Linux

Bruce Ford b.ford at qut.edu.au
Tue Oct 23 02:28:43 EDT 2001

> > Now... the Linux OS is running 2 threads of DNET one per processor, the
> > VMWare NT4 Server is running 1 thread.  So in all I have three threads
> > running.  Using personal proxy Analyzer - I show the two "machines"
> > and VMWare NT4  - 526204 (10.51%) and 520455 (10.36%) Key rate (overall
> > % of my network rate).
> >
> > I would expect that with this setup it would run slower than Linux with
> > two threads... Overhead for VMWare and NT... but in reality it comes out
> > about 2% greater.
> >
> > I would love to know why... but I don't want it fixed, I like the little
> The code for NT is better because the compilers for NT produce
> faster code.

Cores on NT and Linux are identical.  Same assembly code for each.

Possible reason for the slight increase is that the client has "niced"
itself on the Linux processes. The VMware process is probably running at
normal priority and the idle time scheduling of the Win32 client is likely
to be ignored by VMware in the Linux context.  Therefore the VMware client
grabs a greater share of the CPU that was probably used for "other" things.

Bruce Ford

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