AW: [RC5] Athlon XP/MP even faster?

Greg Childers gchil0 at
Mon Oct 22 12:45:09 EDT 2001


I remember this being suggested back in October '99 and February 2000:

Unfortunately, there has been no one with both the knowledge and time to 
implement it.  If Bruce's estimate is correct, this core could be over 10% 
faster than the current one.  Anyone up to the challenge?  :-)


>There may be some advantage to mixing MMX code with the integer code for the
>K7 core.  Basically this uses spare decode cycles (where we can't find 3
>instructions to run in parallel due to the paucity of registers) to run MMX
>code which does part of the first round of key expansion for the next pair
>of keys while the current pair are being processed by the integer code.
>Bruce Ford

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