[RC5] Checkpoint file

TimO hairballmt at mcn.net
Wed Oct 24 15:24:22 EDT 2001

Dennis Lubert wrote:
> At 09:24 24.10.01 -0500, you wrote:
> >Shared buffer files are generally a bad idea for most people.  We've
> >done as much as possible to make the file access safe, but there are
> >still situations where buffer corruption can take place.
> >
> >Shared checkpoint files are completely out of the question.
> >
> >If you want to consolidate your work, use a perproxy, and a local
> >checkpoint file.  The connection to the proxy will take place only when
> >needed, just as the client might connect to the d.net proxy network.  It
> >also doesn't require NFS, which some people will remind you stands for
> >"No F***ing Security".
> Well, this all sounds good, but it doesnt help much. the clients can't have
> all their own buffer files, because I run them from my home dir, which is
> NFS mounted in the network, so they use all one buffer file. so I wanted to
> set them up, with everyone its own checkpoint file.
> i also cant run a perproxy, and this wouldnt also avoid that the work after
> a few hours for the single machines is lost.
> for better understanding : its a university network, and I am allowed to
> run the client over night there sometimes, but with my account I have only
> my (NFS-mounted) home directory available

Can't you just use a separate config file and buff-in/out for each
You can keep all of these in your own directory and run
dnetc -ini /path/to/configfile for each machine.  Just make sure
you have the buffer filenames set in the config file.  I know that my
clients always restart at the point they left off as long as they were
shutdown properly.  Only writes to disk when a block is finished(or on
shutdown/restart) without a checkpoint file.  If administration allows
you to start/stop these clients with cron, this should work fine.  Even
without cron, it wouldn't be any more work than starting the clients
with their defaults.  I would still run a proxy on your machine to
reduce external network traffic.

-- TimO
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