[RC5] Checkpoint file

Arjan Veenstra Veenstraa at paperfoam.com
Thu Oct 25 10:17:44 EDT 2001

> At 09:24 24.10.01 -0500, you wrote:
> Well, this all sounds good, but it doesnt help much. the 
> clients can't have 
> all their own buffer files, because I run them from my home 
> dir, which is 
> NFS mounted in the network, so they use all one buffer file. 
> so I wanted to 
> set them up, with everyone its own checkpoint file.
> i also cant run a perproxy, and this wouldnt also avoid that 
> the work after 
> a few hours for the single machines is lost.
> for better understanding : its a university network, and I am 
> allowed to 
> run the client over night there sometimes, but with my 
> account I have only 
> my (NFS-mounted) home directory available

Is the 'buffer in memory only' option a solution here? If i'm rigth this
will make each client create it's own buffer in memory. The nasty bit here
is that the buffers then will be lost on a shutdown, so you shouldn't buffer
to much and consider setting up a perproxy to reduce the outgoing traffic.
Assuming that internal network load is hardly an issue (at night) you may
set the clients to fetch just a single packet from the perproxy, so there
will no be to much lost.
I'm not completely sure this will fix your problem but it just migth do

Arjan Veenstra

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