[RC5] Checkpoint file

Malte S. Stretz msquadrat.nospamplease at gmx.net
Thu Oct 25 20:20:56 EDT 2001

> "Malte S. Stretz" wrote:
>> [snipped]

> Nice, except having 138 checkpoint files is going to give him the
> local network glut that he's trying to avoid.

You're right. Been in a hurry this morning. But: That way he's got a
single buffer for each files. As he's using some *nix flavour I'd
expect the system to shut down gracefully. So just throw out all the
ckeckpoints. Don't need 'em. All you need is some disk space *g* This
will reduce the glut as much as possible cause the client'll write to
the buffers only when it's (a) completing a node or (b) shuts down.


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