[RC5] RC5 only fetching.

MrsickABQ at aol.com MrsickABQ at aol.com
Fri Oct 26 17:54:12 EDT 2001

If you want to work in just one project - say RC5 - you could do the 
1. Run (again) the client configuration. If you're running the client in a 
Windows system, it will typically be available from Start | Programs | 
distributed.net | Quick Commands | Client configuration
2. Choose option 2 (Buffer and Buffer Update Options)
3. Choose option 9 (Load-work precedence)
4. Assuming you want to "work" only in RC5, write the following in the "New 
Setting" line: DES=0,CSC=0,OGR=0,RC5
5. Press ENTER, then 0 to return to main menu, and then 0 to Save settings 
and exit

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