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I don't know about only nowadays; I thought it was
always a good idea to give feedback on the current
status of a program if only to prove that it is not
locked in, running an endless loop. I agree about the
wasted cycles but even a status update once every 5
minutes (say), is reassuring and the usefulness
outweighs the loss of 'stolen' cycles. Perhaps the
best option is to provide the status when the user
wants it (so the program can run without wasting time
displaying the status when it is hidden or minimised)
but then, time is wasted polling the button/key etc to
display the status...............

Cycles are also wasted running  the app under a
multi-tasking system!

--- tomdv at datatx.com wrote:
> Dear Edward,
> yep, point taken. Every cycle 'wasted' on GUI is one
> wasted. I'm coming 
> from the AS/400 world myself. However, nowadays, we
> cannot convince people 
> if they don't "see" what's going on. Good enough a
> reason?
> Ciao,
> Tom
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> Why would we want a GUI?? only wastes cycles. 
> Anyway most people I know 
> run it minimised.
> Orthanc
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> Hi guys and lassies, 
> do we already have a GUI version of the  client or
> it will it never come 
> of this? 
> I mean, the old client I'm still running works still
> fine. Any reason  why 
> I should migrate? I'm still on 2.7106.436. 
> Bye, 
> Tom

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