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Aaron W. Swenson aswenson at frontiernet.net
Mon Oct 29 09:26:28 EST 2001

That's a good idea and all, but it's a well known fact that Joe Six Pack is 
the largest body of consumers.  My point behind this is that you should 
have two separate clients.  One GUI download and one CLI download.  Maybe 
the GUI could offer some kind of animated cow screen saver (I know it takes 
away from cycles on a single computer, but if we were able to gain an extra 
thousand clients, would that be a ba thing?)

At 11:43 PM 10/27/2001 +0200, you wrote:
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>it would probably be best to make a GUI for the existing clients, but
>not to attach it statically to the clients.  so that ppl who do not
>need to see what is going on, don't have to run the GUI.
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>Dear Edward,
>yep, point taken. Every cycle 'wasted' on GUI is one wasted. I'm
>coming from the AS/400 world myself. However, nowadays, we cannot
>convince people if they don't "see" what's going on. Good enough a
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>Why would we want a GUI?? only wastes cycles.  Anyway most people I
>know run it minimised.
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>Hi guys and lassies,
>do we already have a GUI version of the  client or it will it never
>come of this?
>I mean, the old client I'm still running works still fine. Any reason
>  why I should migrate? I'm still on 2.7106.436.
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