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All sounds well and good, but the average "Joe Six Pack" is not going to
find cracking encryption keys, searching for Optimal Golomb rulers, breaking
DES encrypted messages, etc very interesting. This project has been going
for over 3 years - must punters who are going to run the client on a regular
basis already are.
I've been trying to persuade friends of mine to run the client. They aren't
interested. Not because they don't get to see a pretty screen when it's
working, but because they just aren't interested. People flocked to SETI
because it sounded exciting, even if it wasn't! RC5 just sounds dull as
dishwater and the only people who find it exciting/interesting/beneficial
are the geeks, like you and me.

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And the screen saver wouldn't have to stop at just a cow.  The GUI could
associate different animals with different projects, and again have them
move relative to their key rate. Like a kangaroo could sprint across the
screen if their processor was really fast and an average OGR packet could
wrap up under 24 hours.  Or the polar bear sliding down snow banks or
catching fish for CSC.

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Hmmm... getting a GUI or at least a real screen saver seems to be a pretty
good idea to me.
If we kept them optional, then those of us who don't want them dont need to
have them, while the average person can have it if they want.
I think perhaps a screen saver of a cow munching it's way across the screen
(perhaps one cow per thread, moving at the approximate speed of the
crunching rate ?) yeah i'd use up a bunch of cycles for sure, but it'd be
cute, and if it got a few more people to join up, then we wind up ahead
anyways, because even 300kkeys/sec from another system is better than

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