[RC5] VIA C3

Peter Cordes peter at llama.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Sep 5 23:02:52 EDT 2001

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 05:13:37PM -0400, Enoch wrote:
> at 600mhz, the VIA Cx III performs at 50% of the Intel and AMD equivalent
> rated chips.  
> It may not be due to ooo exec alone, but VIA C3 lacking equivalent number of
> parallel microcode units.  Nevertheless, on microbenching, the core picked the
> "SS Ath" for best performance albeit performing at far slower keys/sec rate.

 How does the keyrate of the best core perform vs. the best core on an
equal clock speed Intel or AMD?  How about vs. an equally priced Intel
or AMD?  (the equal price comparison might make the C3 seem ok (or
maybe not, I don't know), but if you can't buy it in a fast enough
speed grade, it's a moot point...)

> Maybe L2 cache size of the C3?

 That wouldn't make any sense.  We're talking about RC5.  The core
doesn't touch enough memory to use anything more than the L1 cache,
and the inner loop fits entirely in registers.  Even L1 cache speed
should have almost no effect on RC5 keyrate.  (within reason - turning
it off in the BIOS setup will have a huge effect, mostly because that
would turn off the L1 instruction cache as well!  Ouch!)

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