[RC5] What is this?

Fuzzy Logic fuzzman at m-net.arbornet.org
Thu Sep 6 11:30:05 EDT 2001

Not to sound callous, but if someone accidentally sends a virus and a
person doesn't have a virus scanner installed, I cannot feel really sorry
for them.  They're not that expensive.  They're easy to install and
configure.  Why doesn't everyone have one?

Quidquid Latine dictum sit, altum videtur.
Vir sapit qui pauca loquitur.
Cras amet qui numquam amavit, quique amavit cras plus amet.
Uno itinere non potest perveniri ad tam grande secretum.

On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, Jeroen wrote:

> Okay, but what if somebody exedently send a virus.
> I'm sure there are much people who doesn't have a scanner
> active and just double click the file.
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> On 9-5-2001 at 22:56 PM Fuzzy Logic wrote:
> >So that we can send files to the list for review?
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> >Fuzzy

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