[RC5] keys stuck in a loop??

Bjoern Martin boris59 at gmx.net
Sat Sep 15 11:23:55 EDT 2001

Hi there.


> > How utterly selfish. Never mind the excessive load
> > you're placing on distributed.net - as long as you have
> > a nice pretty graph and don't have to do any maths
> > yourself, that's all you care about?
>show some proof that i am creating any excessive load...
>dnet has so much traffic hitting them all the time that
>my stuff is miniscule at best... [...]

Mike's not talking about webserver load, but the nightly
stats update load. The master key server needs to do one
'calculation' (whatever) for each package. In your case
it's 1 block per package. In my case it's 32 blocks per
package. So the load of the server you produce is 32 times
higher than the load I produce, regarding the same amount
of blocks. That's a reason why the stats take up to 12:00
CEST (11:00 GMT) until they are finished.



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