[RC5] Question... Dual Athlon PC

Aaron Testerman xtremitie at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 16 02:00:32 EDT 2001

I'd say try the new 2.8015 client... either that or maybe its because your 
using Tbird 1.4s, Those weren't designed to do MP, don't get me wrong 
they'll do it but Dual Athlons is what the Palamino core and AthlonMP chip 
were designed for.... As far as I know the AthlonMP only goes upto 
1.2Ghz.... unless AMD released the 1.4G MP chip without me knowing 

>From: "The Watcher" <dallash at optushome.com.au>
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>To: <rc5 at lists.distributed.net>
>Subject: [RC5] Question... Dual Athlon PC
>Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 13:09:06 +1000
>I've just put the Standard Dnet Client (v2.8010.463b) on my PC (PC is Dual 
>Athlon 1.4Gig (2.8Gig) with 1gig of 2100DDR ECC RAM, SCSI Disks). It 
>detectes the dual Processors and starts Crunchers a & b, But after some 
>time it doesn't seem to have done much more with it than a laptop with a 
>PIII 1gig Chip in it??? Do i need another client? or has anyone else had 
>this problem?
>Dallas Hindle

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