[RC5] keys stuck in a loop??

Alex Lozano lord_breetai at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 00:13:49 EDT 2001

Mike Henry wrote:

> >that's why i have them configured to have at least one key in the buffer
> >at all times... one waiting, one being processed... the background
> >threads should take care of sending completed and receiving new units
> >while the client handled that second key that was waiting...
> ... Never mind the excessive load you're placing on
> distributed.net - ...

Not so, if you had written this part:

waldo kitty wrote:

|i'm running a perproxy here servicing a dozen machines on the internal
|network and possibly a few from outside...

you would realize the strain placed on dnet by this individual is not as
great as you maki it out to be.

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