[RC5] dnet's servers won't give out big blocks

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Mon Sep 24 01:30:56 EDT 2001

It's also frustrating to us not to be able to give out those big blocks.
This is another side effect of those people who insist on using 1*2^28
blocks instead of a more appropriate size.  Random workunits (which are
always 1*2^28) also contribute to this problem.

Unfortunately, the damage is done for all the blocks we've handed out in
the past.  We have talked about distributing a 32 or 64 block even if it
had one or two 1's completed, but I don't have a clue whether that is in
effect or still on the drawing board.

We have also kicked around the idea of not handing out 1's anymore at
all, answering those requests with a 2 or 4.  This would help stem the
problem, but at the expense of punishing those with older computers.
We'd rather have participants use the proper settings, so we don't have
to force them to do the right thing.  If the problem becomes big enough,
we'll do what we have to to make the network run as efficiently as we

If you have configured the client to use a time-based threshold, this
phenomenon won't affect the amount of work you retrieve.  If dnetc has
to download twice as many work units to fill the projected amount of
time, it will.
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| -----Original Message-----
| With all the recent conversations about reducing server load 
| and such, I
| thought I'd share part of my pproxy's log.  It shows my 
| pproxy trying to
| get a 64-statunit block from one of the main servers.  About half the
| time, it seems the dnet servers will give out a 64-statunit 
| block.  But
| the other half of the time I get tons of dregs.  I've got most of my
| clients so that they work on blocks between 8 and 32 statunits.  If my
| pproxy can't get a big block, it certainly can't hand a big 
| block out to
| those clients.  It's frustrating to have done everything I can to help
| efficiency to be undermined this way.

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