[RC5] name resolution

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Mon Sep 24 10:56:01 EDT 2001

On 23-Sep-2001, Christopher Hicks wrote:
> [chicks at yakko rc5]$ strings dnetc | grep nslook
> ./nslookup.out
> cat ./nslookup.out
> ./nslookup.sh
> There's some stuff in there to parse the output of it as well.  What's
> wrong with gethostname???


This is due to incompatibility problems with the "glibc" library. There
are two common, incompatible versions of glibc: glibc2.0 and glibc2.1.  At
one time, there were two Linux clients with "glibc20" and glibc21" in
their file names, which resulted in great confusion among linux users.

Beginning with build v2.8008-459 of the client, there was a single unified
Linux binary (for each processor architecture type), instead of separate
ones for each architecture and library combination. The name resolution
incompatibilities were been worked around by using "clever" dynamic symbol
loading techniques, but this didn't work very well (problems ranged from
segfaults to hanging threads to simply not-working).

So, from 2.8011-463 on, the client does not even bother trying to work
around the insanity introduced by linux glibc, and instead pipes/parses
the output of 'host'.

If you find that your Linux client is reporting this error, it's because
you do not have the bind tools installed on your computer. Look for a
"bind-tools" binary package in whichever packaging format is appropriate
for your particular flavor of linux.  Unfortunately, the only alternative
to requiring bind-tools would be for distributed.net to release multiple,
conflicting versions of the client for all the various libc permutations
that exist.

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