[RC5] name resolution

Simen Thoresen simen-tt at online.no
Mon Sep 24 18:54:00 EDT 2001

>Is there any particular reason that dnetc needs "nslookup" to resolve
>domain names when running under Linux? This strikes me was rather
>restricting; not every system has nslookup installed and considering that
>ISC is deprecating nslookup another solution should probably be found.
Ahhhh. So /that/ is why. I've been wondering about this.

I have a largish amount of computers (often-reinstalled test machines), and on some of them I've had to hardcode us.v27.distributed.net into the mix just to get things to go around.

But I do agree - there should be no reason why dnetc couldn't use the stub resolver like any other piece of network software out there.

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