[RC5] Pentium4: Benchmark and real keyrate are different

Kyle Markley kmarkley at seffera.net
Wed Sep 26 13:52:21 EDT 2001


> I get ~2MKeys on 1.7GHz machines while the benchmark reports ~2.5MKeys.
> In the speed database of DNet the P4/1.7 has 5 records all 2.4+ MKeys.
> I wonder if there is actually something wrong with my machines or if the
> benchmark reports a wrong keyrate. This could be the case even when taking
> into account the entries in the speed database since the people reporting
> the keyrates probably used the benchmark feature to get the numbers.

It sounds like the RC5 application is not running the same core that the
benchmark is.

> Also, does anybody know of any work regarding an optimized core for the
> P4 using SSE2?

I had written one, but the lack of documentation for testing the core prompted
me to drop the project.  I was trying to use the "new" function prototype but it
didn't fit in seamlessly with the test harness.  If someone would make this
easy, I would be willing to complete my work on it.

Kyle Markley
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