[RC5] Pentium4: Benchmark and real keyrate are different

dan the person hedonist at win.co.nz
Thu Sep 27 12:45:44 EDT 2001

Mark Renfer wrote:

> Howdy folks,
> Has anyone of you noticed that the RC5 keyrate reported
> by the benchmark code on a P4 is actually about 20% higher
> than the real speed that the client will be cracking at?

Do you actually use this machine, or did you just buy it as a heater?

If you actually use the machine then the programs you are running will be taking CPUs cycles away from dnetc.  Or did you leave it idle for a while to complete a few packets?  If so it could just be the system processes stealing a bit of CPU time. When you run the client at raised priority, does this raise it to the same priority as it runs with in benchmark mode?

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