[RC5] Your hardware?

Roland Häder quixy_man at gmx.net
Mon Apr 1 15:34:48 EST 2002

Hello people,

I simply want to know which kind of Computer are you all using?

My system:
A private 3 nodes cluster: (one more will be added in 3 or 4 weeks)

Main Computer: (I list only components which are relevant for clustering)
Type = 100% compatible IBM-PC
CPU = AMD Duron 600 (will be updated to an Athlon Thunderbird 1,2 GHz)
Main board: Asus A7V KT133 (will also be updated for the newer CPU)
RAM: 512 MB SDRAM 100 MHz (2x 128 MB Infinion, 1x 256MB noname)
Network card: Realtek 8139c Fast Ethernet

1st worker node:
Main board: Asus Super7 board
RAM: 256 MB SDRAM (2x 128 MB)
Network card: 1x Realtek 8139 Fast Ethernet, 1x SIS 900 Fast Ethernet

2nd worker node:
CPU: AMD K6-II 400 MHz
Main board: Shuttle Hot P5
RAM: 96 MB SDRAM (1x 64 MB, 1x 32 MB)
Network card: 1x SIS 900 Fast Ethernet

The new coming worker node: (mostly from the main computer)
CPU AMD Duron 600 MHz
Main board: Asus A7V KT133
RAM: 128 MB (from 1st worker node)
Network card: 1x Realtek 8139 (new)

Operanting system:
SuSE Linux 7.0 *only* on all nodes with MOSIX cluster enhancements (see
http://www.mosix.org for further details)

Network hardware:
D-Link 5 port Switch

And what about your hardware?

Kindly regards,
  Roland Haeder

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