[RC5] Your hardware?

Greg Lobring cantona08 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 1 10:38:44 EST 2002

My main cruncher is my Dell 8100 Pentium 4 1.7GHz, 256
RAM running WinXP. I leave it crunching during the day
while I am at work, and at night while I am sleeping.
I usually don't have dnet running while I am working
on it.

I also have an older Dell R450 450MHz 256 RAM machine
running WinME that does absolutely nothing but crunch
dnet 24x7. Every once in a while I dial-out with it to
get updates or to check email. I hope to eventually
install some version of Linux on it instead, sort of
as a pet project since I haven't done it before, but I
like having it as a back up, so will see.

I have an IBM ThinkPad 800 MHz running Win2K that is
my work laptop, but since I really don't have
permission to run dnet on it, I don't utilize it.


--- Roland_Häder <quixy_man at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hello people,
> I simply want to know which kind of Computer are you
> all using?

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