[RC5] Your hardware?

paulo ribeiro prc.ribeiro at mail.pt
Mon Apr 1 21:49:18 EST 2002

my equipment isn't anything fancy...

i have an old pentium 166 mhz mmx, 64 mb ram, w2k that only runs the dnetc
client when someone's working on it or whenever i'm home - i leave the
computer on all day, at night i have to turn it off because of the noise.

i also have a compaq laptop, which is my 'main' computer... it's a pentium
ii 400 mhz, 160 mb ram, with w2k as well. i leave it on day and night,
because it's very silent. since it isn't connected to the internet i have to
fetch / flush using a diskette that i take to college and e-mailing the
blocks to the flush at distributed.net address.

- -
   p a u l o  r i b e i r o

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