[RC5] Your hardware?

Jack Beglinger jackb_guppy at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 1 17:58:33 EST 2002

P83 16M - IPCOP - Test Firewall
P166 64M - NT4 - Main Server - DNS and Perproxy
P200 64M - W2K - Play Server
PP200 dual 128M - Linux
  -- VMWare PP200 single 64M - NT4
PP200 dual 196M - W2K New Server
PII333 128M - Linux (next week)
C200 128M WinME - Picture Frame 
C300 64M IPCop - main Firewall
K6-233 128M WinME - Daughter 1 
K62-400 128M WinME - Daughter 2
K63-400 128M W2K - new Toy
K63-450 128M WinME - Wife
PIII750 128M W2K - laptop

All ether 100 except the firewalls then 10.

and still have PII450 and Athlon850 to find boards for.


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