[RC5] Your hardware?

Chris Pollard chris at cdp181.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 3 19:28:12 EST 2002

All at home :-

Dual PIII 800Mhz (Clocked 882Mhz)
Dual P100
Dual Pentium Pro 200
Dual PII 266mhz
Celeron 667Mhz
P200 mmx
PII 333Mhz
PIII 500Mhz
P120 Laptop (Part time)
P200 (Part time)
P60 (Part time)
386sx 25Mhz (Part Time)
386sx 20Mhz Laptop (Part Time)
Celeron 450Mhz (Part time)

Part time machines are all off most of the time,  all of the others are

OS's are Win2k, Win2k Server, NT4 Server, Win98 (Laptop), Dos (P60, 386's)

Dual P100 is a classic machine. An Asus P54NP4 mobo and a couple of P120's
running at 100Mhz.  Its supposed to support up to P120 but needs modding to
do it and i can't be bothered.

Who needs heating when you have DNet!

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Hello people,

I simply want to know which kind of Computer are you all using?

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