[RC5] spamblocker blocks my messages

Enoch M Jones enojon at ATTGLOBAL.NET
Sat Apr 6 20:04:16 EST 2002

> GMX.net is a notorious spam enabler‹they need to secure their SMTP servers.
> Hi people,
> when trying to send a message via the smtp of my mail service (gmx.net) I get
> this error :
> <rc5 at lists.distributed.net>:
><rc5 at lists.d
> istributed.net>..._Mail_from_213.165.64.100_rejected_-_see_http://www.spamcop.
> net//Giving_up_on_63.77.33.232./
> --- Below this line is a copy of the message.
> there seems to be a stupid spam blocker beeing installed.
> So whats up with this thing ? I now send this with my own smtp....
> this is the second try, the first one, the message looped between nodezero and
> newnodezero, whats up there ??
> 4th try, mail is still looping... -- To unsubscribe, send 'unsubscribe rc5' to
> majordomo at lists.distributed.net rc5-digest subscribers replace rc5 with
> rc5-digest

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