[RC5] stats

James Spinks james at angelos.ftech.co.uk
Mon Apr 8 16:33:19 EDT 2002

Jack Beglinger wrote:
> Or the key been found - just have not announced it yet?  :-)
> With about 280 days left at current rate, and the way our rate increases, the 
> key will found before Jan 1 03.  The question is when?
> Will we find the key before:
>    XMAS?
>    Thanksgiving?
>    Labor Days?
>    Summer?
>    For the /.ers: Never?

I think for the /.ers the last option should always be:

      Cowboy Neal's Birthday

> Any bets?
> jackb
>>They are probably redoing the entire RC5 stats from the beginning and 
>>probably finding out that I'm owed a million or two blocks hehe. Naw I 
>>think they are upgrading the stats proxy or something got fubared.
>>Alex Ivanoff wrote:
>>>What happened to the stats this time? Nothing in .plans.

James Spinks

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