[RC5] stats

Malte S. Stretz msquadrat.nospamplease at gmx.net
Mon Apr 8 19:16:31 EDT 2002

On Monday, 8. April 2002 16:57 CET Scott Dodson wrote, at least in part:
> It will be cracked June 3rd at 2:53 am.  This is a magical date/time.

No. It was already cracked on March 5th 6:04 AM. That's a much more 
magical date for this project. Why? We are trying to crack an RC5-64 
key. "rc" must be two letters from the month' name. The only English 
month containing those coherent letters is the Ma_rc_h. "5" stands for 
the day. "64" is a hint for the time -- hour followed by minutes. q.e.d.

So it must have been cracked on March 5th 6:04 AM, but either
(a) nobody noticed it,
(c) that's the announcement we're waiting for or
(c) the cracked key is still lurking in somebody's buff-out.

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