[RC5] Missing announcement?

TimO hairballmt at mcn.net
Wed Apr 10 15:03:39 EDT 2002

steve.e.jones at rapistan.com wrote:
> Ok, I not above starting idle rumours!
> With this latest comment, I feel confident enough to predict the
> anouncement. Dnet will be joining with another existing distributed
> project.
> The "new code" requirement means it is probably a new client. If it was
> just that we were starting something new, it would (probably), be discussed
> and mentioned beforehand. The fact that it has to be a planned anouncement,
> with prerequisets met first. indicates that it will be a merged project.
> This to me makes a lot of sense as the dnet clients seem to be technically
> better than most (any) of the other distributed clients out there.
> Well, that's my 2 cents. Anyone like to guess the other party?
> Steven Jones

Sure, we're joining forces with the NSA to crack Al'Qeada

-- TimO
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