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Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Wed Apr 10 15:56:49 EDT 2002

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| Ok, I not above starting idle rumours!
| With this latest comment, I feel confident enough to predict the
| anouncement. Dnet will be joining with another existing distributed
| project.

(Bzzt) Sorry, wrong answer.  Thanks for playing.

It's nothing quite so drastic, it's just something we'd rather not
announce until we're sure we can deliver it.  We'd rather delay the
announcement than get everyone's expectations and then have to delay
releasing a...

See, you almost got me to spill it!

On the other hand, we're still interested in adopting other projects,
especially those already in progress who could benefit from a bigger
install base.  Any of you who participate in more than one project
(we know you're out there), feel free to pass the word to the
organizers of the other projects.  All we need to bring a new core on
board is... a new core.  Better to take something already working,
already distributed and merge it with our network than to make one
from whole cloth.

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