[RC5] Missing announcement?

/dev/null dev.null at beginthread.com
Wed Apr 10 18:48:42 EDT 2002

> Ok, I not above starting idle rumours!
> With this latest comment, I feel confident enough to predict the
> anouncement. Dnet will be joining with another existing distributed
> project.

Or maybe starting their own new one.  Maybe they'll start leasing CPU
time to whoever wants to pay for it.  In which case anyone in the world
could purchase processing power.  Along the lines of TimO's comment on
NSA and Al'Qeada comment, wouldn't it just be a twist of fate in a
free-enterprise system for Al'Qeada to be the ones to purchase the CPU
power and later we discover that some Fed computer guy had all of the
Pentagon's computers running DNETC, and it was just such a computer that
cracked the CIA/NSA/FBI communications encryption codes for the

Wow, maybe I should become an author...  Watch out Clancy.

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