[RC5] Blocks missing

Jonathan Smith jsmith at cygnacom.com
Fri Apr 12 12:20:57 EDT 2002

Yes, I have observed the same problem.  The work units being submitted to my
personal keyproxy server don't match the work units being received by d.net

Actually this isn't the first time this has come up.  Their was a short
discussion of it back in July 2000, after which I started keeping records of
how many blocks went to my pproxy vs. how many got credited by d.net for
myself and a few others who use my pproxy.  Then back in November 2001 the
discussion came up again.

In case you are interested here is the differences to date, since July 1,
josmith7 at bubel.com  pproxy: 3877667  d.net: 3793980  diff: 83687  %: 2.158
stephen             pproxy: 2302383  d.net: 2249565  diff: 52818  %: 2.294
nick                pproxy: 2407216  d.net: 2390313  diff: 16903  %: 0.702

however there was a couple of months when a few of nick's computers were
bypassing my pproxy so his difference is artificially low because d.net got
blocks that the pproxy never saw.

In the previous rounds of this discussion there was never a clear consensus
on why there would be uncredited works.  It seems to happen to often and too
regularly for it to just be colliding with random blocks, unless there have
been a massive number of random blocks done in keyspaces that shouldn't have
been allocated to random blocks.

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Hi there.

I just wanted to know if any of you have the same problem
as some of the team I'm on and I do: we are not credited
for all WUs we submit. It started with one member (he's
also on this list), then a second one complained about
missing blocks. I said "maybe its the network between the
proxy and the master key server". Now, several weeks later,
I took the time to merge the logs of two proxies I run
(@home and @work) and found out that I'm affected as well.

Is this because we recycle blocks and for that more blocks
are processed randomly by someone else before we can return
the checked blocks?


Bjoern Martin

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