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| > .....As it was with CSC, as we approach the end of the keyspace
| > for 
| RC5-64,
| > it becomes more and more important for people to download only
| > the workunits they can complete in a reasonable amount of time. 
| > The 
| closer.....
| Do you think having a pprc5in.rc5  for 3 days is all right?

3 days is right in the ballpark.

The general rule of thumb is that you should download enough work so
that your computer can survive the longest typical outage without
going to randoms, and not much more than that.  

For computers with a constant, reliable connection to the internet,
we prefer that your computer connect somewhere between once a day and
once a week.  (Some Mac G4's have to exceed this, simply because the
client can't download enough work to keep them busy for 24 hours.)

For computers with a perproxy on the local network, it's usually best
if your clients connect to the perproxy more frequently, and the
perproxy connects to our network between once a day and once a week.

Sneakernet machines obviously have much different requirements.

It's best if you can run your buff-in "dry" from time to time.  The
pseudo-FIFO used by the client can cause high-numbered workunits to
get stuck in your buff-in.  Using a perproxy helps with this, because
the perproxy uses true FIFO.  If you use a perproxy on a local
network, consider letting your clients run dry every time (e.g. set
your clients to download 8 hours of work).
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