[RC5] Hard Drives Powering Down

Carl Inglis wyrdrune at yoshiwara.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 12 21:38:30 EDT 2002

On Friday 12 April 2002  2:10 pm, you wrote:
> If my hard drives power down after x number of minutes, will dnetc still
> be able to access the buff-in.rc5 file.  Will the client power up the
> hard drive to access the file?

I do this with my hard drives. They are set to not use a log file, and not 
use checkpoints. They are also mounted NOATIME so that the last accessed 
time isn't written back to any file that gets read. (The latter is a *nix 
thing, so that won't apply since I see you are using LookOut! Excess v6).

This is not done to save wear and tear on the drives, but to save wear and 
tear on my electricity bill. I should point out that some of these 
machines can take enough time to crunch a 2^32, that the drives are spun 
down for a number of hours at a time. (The joys of having a network of P75 
- P200 machines, with a 400Mhz Athlon, and a 500Mhz PIII to keep them 

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