[RC5] Blocks missing

Bjoern Martin boris59 at boris59.de
Sat Apr 13 10:57:21 EDT 2002

>For computers with a perproxy on the local network, it's
>usually best if your clients connect to the perproxy more
>frequently, and the perproxy connects to our network
>between once a day and once a week.

The proxy runs empty between 3 days and one week.

>It's best if you can run your buff-in "dry" from time to
>time.  The pseudo-FIFO used by the client can cause
>high-numbered workunits to get stuck in your buff-in.
>Using a perproxy helps with this, because the perproxy
>uses true FIFO.  If you use a perproxy on a local network,
>consider letting your clients run dry every time (e.g. set
>your clients to download 8 hours of work).

The clients always run dry, fetching work for just 1 or 2

This should be set the same for the ppl on my team. So I
think that's not the problem. I'll tell them to upgrade
to the most recent versions of client/proxy. (some keep
an older client version because it runs 0.5% faster...)

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