[RC5] Linux

James Spinks james at angelos.ftech.co.uk
Fri Apr 19 16:30:06 EDT 2002

Greg Lobring wrote:
> New to the world of Linux at home. Installed Lycoris
> Desktop/LX on my older Dell Dimension (Intel 450MHz),
> and the installation went very well. (Other than modem
> not working, but they say winmodems aren't very
> compatible).
> Anyway, I go to download the dnetc client, and THOUGHT
> I had the right one: I tried the x86/ELF (since my PC
> is a 686, thought that would work). I unzipped (tar)
> the files and try to fire of the client, and nothing
> happens. Perhaps I am not installing it correctly? Or
> perhaps, its not the right version?
> Can anyone help me out?

Nope, that should be the right one.  When you say 'nothing happens' do 
you mean you are just returned to the prompt or the program just sits 
there doing nothing?

Trying running dnetc using the full filesystem path (e.g. 
/home/greg/bin/dnetc etc. depending where you untarred it obviously).

> Thanks in advance, I have listed the Linux dnetc
> clients below.
> Greg
> [PARISC 1.1/static]
> [PARISC 1.1]
> [Sparc]
> [x86/ELF]
> [Alpha/ELF]
> [s390/non-mp]
> [ARM/aout]
> [PPC/glibc2/mt]

James Spinks

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