[RC5] Linux

TimO hairballmt at mcn.net
Fri Apr 19 14:43:31 EDT 2002

Carl Inglis wrote:
> >I opened up a shell, and changed directory to the
> >folder, and saw the dnetc executable there. When I
> >type it in to run it "dnetc", it said it couldn't find
> >the file, even though the ls command showed it was
> >there.
> Try ./dnetc
> I think you need to research the command line a little - unlike WinBlows,
> the current directory is not normally in the path. There is a workaround
> to put it there, but I'll let you find that for yourself since it's
> considered to be a security risk by some.
> Carl

Why do you consider "set path = ( $path . )" or "set path = ( $path
$home )"
to be a workaround or a security risk?  I just call it setting up the
environment.  Sucks if you can't run your own binaries in your home
directory.  Can't do anything with "." that you can't do with absolute
path names.

-- TimO
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