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Seth H. Bokelman seth.bokelman at uni.edu
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Not to start a distribution war, cuz I'm a Linux newbie, but after
having gone through all the trouble of making dnetc run automatically
on my Red Hat box, I was very happy on my debian system to just be
able to type "apt-get install distributed-net" and not have to do
anything else.  I'm using Libranet (http://www.libranet.com/) as my
distribution of choice, but that'll work on anything debian based,
and it's certainly much simpler than messing around in your init
scripts yourself, when you're just learning the system...

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- --- Marco Tedaldi <marco at tedaldi.net> wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Apr 2002 05:20:04 -0700 (PDT), Greg
> Lobring wrote:
> If you did all like you told and all is right... it
> should
> work...
> but now let's find the bug together:
> what command did you use to untar the file?
> what files did you get?
> what comand did you use to start the client?
> what's happening, if you want to start it?
> (error-messages?)

Lycoris is known to be a very "windows-like" version
of Linux, meaning at least that it uses a GUI that is
similar. So I downloaded the client from the web, and
it showed up as a zipped file (tar file, whatever) on
the screen.

I clicked it, and it showed me the files inside. There
was a Docs folder full ot text files, a dnetc file
(which Linux told me was an executable) and a file
called dnetc.1, which I dont know what it was.

I previously downloaded a buff-in.rc5 file.

So all these files are in the same directory now. The
dnetc executable has a cool little gear icon. I
clicked on it to start it up, and nothing happens. I
look under the processes running on the system, and
its not there. I was expecting the first-time user
set-up screen that I normally get with a windows based

I opened up a shell, and changed directory to the
folder, and saw the dnetc executable there. When I
type it in to run it "dnetc", it said it couldn't find
the file, even though the ls command showed it was

So thats where I am now.

Thanks for the help. Hopefully, after messing around
with Linux for a couple months, it will get easier.


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