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TimO hairballmt at mcn.net
Fri Apr 19 21:02:44 EDT 2002

Carl Inglis wrote:
> On Friday 19 April 2002  8:43 pm, you wrote:
> <snip>
> > > since it's considered to be a security risk by some.
> <snip>
> > Why do you consider "set path = ( $path . )" or "set path = ( $path
> > $home )"  to be a workaround or a security risk?
> I didn't say I did. I said "...by some."
> It's funny - I had expected that if I had posted the useful info on how to
> do it, I would be flamed. I didn't expect a (very minor flicker of a
> hint of) flame for *not* posting it! :-)
> Personally, I feel it's a bad practice to get into. In part for reasons
> which another poster has noted, and in part because it forces me to think
> about where the script/binary/whatever that I am about to run has come
> from.
> Carl
> --

Nope, not even a flicker of a flame; just a question.  After reading
some of the other posts; I've even come up with some more likely
scenerios than those listed.  I've just always added . last and I 
never assume that a non-standard binary on one system will be 
available on another.  Points have been well taken, however. :-)

-- TimO
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