[RC5] stats suggestion

Emir Ahmetspahic emiah182 at student.liu.se
Mon Apr 22 00:59:00 EDT 2002

Thanks for answering. 

Btw how did you find these links?

Imo there should be a link to those pages. I know lots of people who 
are doing distributed computing (seti, dnet....) just because of 
stats. They think its fun to watch stats. So imo we should try to have 
as much different types of statistics as possible. This is probably 
going to attract more stats intressted users. 

Adding new stats wouldnt have to create extra load on servers as some 
additional stats could be created from information servers already 
fetch from the the database.

For example from "participating countries" stats page we could create 
stats for different continents. (server would just have to do simple 
addition on the values that already exist in participating countries 

So what do the rest of you think about adding more stats ?

  // Emir

----- Ursprungligt Meddelande -----
Från: daniel carter <hedonist at win.co.nz>
Datum: Söndag 14 April 2002 07:26
Ämne: Re: [RC5] stats suggestion

> Emir Ahmetspahic wrote:
> >Hi ppl
> >
> >Currently there is cpu-os stat page for ogr projects. Any chance 
> that 
> >we could get os (not depending on arch) and cpu (not depending on 
> os) 
> >stat pages?
> >
> >This wouldnt create any extra load, those 2 new pages would just 
> do 
> >additions on existing arch-os page.
> >
> The stats code can already produce that output, there's just no 
> link to 
> obtain it.  Use these links:
> http://stats.distributed.net/ogr-25/platformlist.php3?view=tc
> http://stats.distributed.net/ogr-25/platformlist.php3?view=to
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