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Unfortunately, it is possible that the solution to some bugs will
result in a fractionally slower rate for some participants.  What a
raw benchmark cannot show you is that a newer version may mean more
of your work is accepted by the keymaster.  Other fixes may protect
your buffer file from being corrupted and discarded before it can be
uploaded, or keep the client from interfering with other

Other changes made in the last couple of releases resulted in better
management of randoms, smarter choice of packet size, and more
reliable connections to proxies.  All these changes are for the
benefit of our participants, even though they may result in an
apparently slower benchmark.

We encourage everyone to upgrade to official releases whenever they
are available for your platform, to keep the entire network running
as efficiently as possible.

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I just finnished doing a set of benches useing the windows client,
each time useing dnetc -benchmark rc5 from prompt. 

Current 'offical' - 5,547,979 key/s
Current 'pre release' - 5,455,667 key/s

both use core #6. I have a 1800 XP+, with plenty of pc2100 and
machine is as close to idle as it gets.

Has anyone seen any increases in key rates?

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