[RC5] How to setup the client for...?

Eugene Savitsky ezh at infonet.ee
Thu Apr 25 14:17:34 EDT 2002


I want just to crack the RC5.

I need:
a) download 5000 RC5 units
b) work on them
c) when done send all done units and then get a new 5000 units

Now when the 5000 units are done the client begins to work on OGR. :(

The current setup is "fetch work thresholds: RC5=5000, OGR=0", but it
still downloads the OGR units. :(

How can I setup the client only for RC5?

PS version 2.8015-469

Best regards, Eugene Savitsky.
Menelon OU                                   E-Mail: ezh at infonet.ee

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